Annie Barbazza & Max Repetti


A deep journey into the music & poetry of Greg Lake

Amongst the many projects Greg Lake and I planned for Manticore was the re-arranging of his favourite songs in a black and white, contemporary way. A sort of back to the bone, vocals and guitar setting, as simple as that. As we went further into the project, we soon discovered that an acoustic guitar could be fine for some tunes, but not suitable for others; so Greg decided we should go for piano and vocals and asked me to look for a talented piano player. I knew Max Repetti who I considered to be the perfect pianist for Greg. Greg was so delighted that he immediately asked Max to arrange for him a list of tunes he intended to put on the album that we called Moonchild, after one of our favourite early songs. Sadly, in early 2014 Greg called me with the very worst news. Shortly after that, he decided to ask his young friend and talented singer and musician Annie Barbazza to take his place and carry on his legacy with this album. As Greg wanted, we will keep the flame alive by playing his music.
So this is for you, Grande Gregorio, wherever you are.May your music resound forever in our hearts.
Max Marchini


Annie and Max recorded such a wonderful and touching tribute to the music I have made during my lifetime. Max’s arrangements are absolutely superb! What a magical touch he has and Annie’s vocals are at the same time beautiful, brave and heartfelt. It is a very moving experience for me to hear them perform these songs so passionately.
Greg Lake, 2016

produced by Greg Lake and Max Marchini
music arranged by Max Repetti
project coordination by Regina Lake
recorded by Alberto Callegari
mixed and mastered at Elfo Recording Studios, Tavernago (PC)


01. In The Court of the Crimson King / 21st Century Schizoid Man
02. Trilogy / The Endless Enigma part II
03. Moonchild
04. The Stones Of Years /Take A Pebble

05. C’est La Vie
06. Battlefield / Epitaph
07. Karn Evil 9 1st impression, part 2
08. Memories Of An Officer And A Gentleman (Excerpt)
09. In The Wake Of Poseidon
10. Lucky Man
11. The Sage / The Great Gates Of Kiev

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limited premium audiophile red vinyl
in 500 copies


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C'Est La Vie

In The Wake Of Poseidon