Kāma Sūtra

The sacred text “ Kāma Sūtra ” is the “Bible” of how to achieve pleasure in sexual intercourse.
The young Hindu must know it and practicing it; also the young woman must study it before the marriage.*

The Kāma Sūtra (aphorisms on pleasure) therefore constitutes for Hindus a compendium on the art of loving and achieving sexual pleasure, in a way consistent with the ancient rural and pastoral origins of their religious culture. This culture still considers love in all its most natural manifestations, from poetry, to singing, dancing, painting, sculpture to enhance its divine sanctity of procreation and the adoration of the principle of life, also through erotic pleasure.

Even in modern India, as in ancient India, the dominant impression offered by Hindu culture is still that of a world in contact with all the natural forces that transfer the richness of life into an existence permeated by tenderness, by pleasure and beauty in all its manifestations.**

Like the movements of sex, music and lyrics go in and out of the different variations of the concept of Kāma Sūtra in history and in the contemporary; Kāma Sūtra is here intended only as the sound of a word already heard from which people begins to wonder.

For Syndone it becomes text and pretext to sink the nails with passion in the love between two people, in today’s real prostitutes, in provocation. Images, symbols, roles and people; among all a true story, the one of Perlasca, hero against Nazism and many other common stories, among which, maybe, the ours, with invented characters, divinities, erotic symbols and much, much love.

Riccardo Ruggeri

* S. Radhakrishnan, “The Hindu view of life” , Unwin Books

** Mulk Raj Anand, “Kama Kala” , Les Editions Nagel


01. It’s only make believin’ 

02. Nirvana

03. Carousel (instrumental) 

04. Into the Kama

05. Bitches

06. You still shine

07. Sex toys r us

08. 2 thousand 10 (instrumental) 

09. Sacred & Profane

10. We are the world we created

11. Peace on earth

produced by Nick Comoglio

recorded, mixed and mastered at FonoprintBologna



Nik Comoglio: hammond, juno dist., moog, all kbds, composition, orchestration, backing vocals

Riccardo Ruggeri: lead vocal, overtone singing, backing vocals, composition, all lyrics
Gigi Rivetti: hammond , acoustic grand piano, electric pianos, wah clavinet, composition
Marta Caldara: vibraphone, timpani, composition

Simone Rubinato: bass, fretless bass, minitaur, composition

Eddy Franco: drums, percussions

Special Guests

David Jackson: flute & double sax solo on "Sex toys r us"
Annie Barbazza: - vocal duet on "Into the Kama"
Annie appears by courtesy of Dark Companion Records


Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra conducted by M° Francesco Zago

Also featuring on this album

Vincent Boniface: crystal flute on 04*

Luigi Picatto: clarinet in B on 04*

Luigi Finetto: oboe on 04*
Andrea Manco: flute on 04*

Riccardo Di Gianni: tampura on 01* & 04*, sitar on 04*
Gianluca Cagnani: pipe organ on 05*, recorded at Sant’Eusebio Cathedral (VC) Italy

Claudio Adamo: baritone electric guitar on 07*


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